Exciting Updates on our Microbiology Buildout at 12 Manor Parkway!

BA Sciences is pleased to announce that we are in the final phase of our microbiology laboratory buildout at our 12 Manor facility. This new laboratory space more than doubles the current square footage of the microbiology laboratory, which will increase its efficiency and capacity. The equipment in the space will be fully qualified prior to opening the laboratory, early in Q3 2023. The new facility is well-equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and technology, and we are excited to utilize them to further assist our clients. The current microbiology services will not be disrupted during the move or during the period of requalifying instruments.

Currently, lab benches are being installed and will be close to completion by the end of this week. Once completed, the equipment can be moved into the new laboratory space, which will require requalification and certification of some of the new equipment being put in the lab.

The layout of the space is conducive to collaborative work, with ample bench space and designated areas for team meetings and discussions. We anticipate that this will continue to foster a productive and dynamic atmosphere, allowing us to work effectively and efficiently on future projects.

Stay tuned for additional updates on equipment installation and more on our 12 Manor buildout!