USP <643> Total Organic Carbon

In the pharmaceutical industry, the USP <643> total organic carbon test enables manufacturers to measure the total organic carbon content present in their water.

Pharmaceutical companies use USP <643> testing as an indirect way to measure the level of organic content in the water they plan to use. It is a simple and efficient way to monitor water for organic contamination. Organizations must remain vigilant, always contending with organic material that comes directly from the water source, or contamination entering through their distribution and purification systems, as well as potential biofilm buildup.

There are one primary method to measure total organic carbon:

  1. Subtract the amount of inorganic carbon from the total carbon measured (which includes inorganic and organic carbon).

Range of Applications for USP <643>

You’ll find a wide range of USP <643> applications, which BA Sciences supports with our advanced testing protocols.

Following  USP <643> we can provide TOC testing for various sample types including:

  • Sterile water
  • Sterile irrigation water
  • Sterile inhalation water
  • Sterile purified water
  • Water for hemodialysis
  • Water used for injections
  • Bulk purified water
  • Steam condensate

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